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We raise public awareness for our nation’s coal miners through scholarships, events, and media.

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Nearly two years ago, we created Remember The Miners, a public awareness campaign to support the men and women of the coal mining industry. At the beginning, we felt our sole focus was to support the families of those 29 brave miners lost at the Upper Big Branch mine in Montcoal, West Virginia. Along with Coach Huggins, we raised nearly $100,000 to support the surviving family members of those lost at Upper Big Branch. Since then, we’ve grown into an industry-wide campaign to remind people across the coal fields and across the country to always remember the miners for the good, important, and essential work they do. Work that matters for America.

In the past months, we’ve been successful in translating the dollars of our supporters into real action. Our focus is to turn the well-meaning intentions of those who support coal mining and those who mine it into real, actionable solutions that truly tell the story of coal. From programs in NASCAR to events across the coal fields, we’ve been building a true town by town, family by family, person by person grassroots campaign. In doing this, our charge has been to remind the nation to never forget the men and women of the coal industry in the halls of Congress and in everyday life. We have generated over a million dollars in earned media, produced thousands of dollars in media and ad buys, led events reaching tens of thousands, and engaged thousands more through social. In just six months’ time, Remember The Miners has built a Scholars Program from the ground up that has awarded $25,000 in scholarships to sons and daughters of coal miners and those who want to pursue higher education
in mining.

With corporate and community partners like Little General Stores, we develop customized programs that both tell our story and provide value to the partner. Together, our partners have amassed nearly $1.5 million dollars in earned media. We’re very proud of that. We’re grateful for our campaign’s Honorary Chairman, Coach Bob Huggins; Friends of Coal; the Remember The Miners Advisory Board; and all of those who have worked with us.
We’ve come so far in the past two years. We’re telling a great story and we need you to join with us to share it. Follow us on Twitter, join us on Facebook, attend an event, and most importantly, tell everyone you know to Remember the Miners.

Remember The Miners, LLC is a charitable organization committed to raising public awareness for our nation’s coal miners through scholarships, events and media. The organization is structured to qualify as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity and is in the process of completing the IRS filing process required for formal recognition of its tax exempt status.

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