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Q: How can I support Remember The Miners?

A: There are many ways to support the great work of Remember The Miners. First, you can join our social media efforts on Facebook and Twitter. One way many choose to support Remember The Miners is to invite us to an event or donate event proceeds. You can also simply display our iconic miner’s helmet on your car or just spread the word.

Q: Is Remember The Miners just a memorial organization to lost miners?

A: Remember The Miners is committed to paying tribute to miners lost. But, it’s not the only part of our mission. Remember The Miners is committed to all men and women of the mining industry, their families, and coal communities. By telling the story of mining and coal miners –and paying tribute to those lost—Remember The Miners helps strengthen support of the coal industry across the coalfields.

Q: Does Remember The Miners work with the Friends of Coal, FACES of Coal, Mine Workers’ Union, and/or any other organizations?

A: Remember The Miners is fully supportive of any organization that supports the men and women of the coal industry. We are proud to work with any organization that supports our grassroots, bottom-up approach to building pride and support in the American coal mining community.

Q: How can I stay informed about Remember The Miners?

A: You can sign up for updates at or visit the website or Facebook and Twitter often for updates and upcoming events.

Q: How can my company be an annual partner of Remember The Miners?

A: Remember The Miners, in its mission, is committed to building valued partnerships. We find great success in turning sponsorship dollars into an extraordinary earned media return for our partners. Contact Cam Payne, Vice President for Partner Relations, today at

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